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Dear Loyal Reader,

We are entering uncharted territory …

Living in an era where personal freedoms are marginalized in the name of "national protection"…

Where the income we work so hard to earn gets skimmed by the IRS (at an ever increasing rate) before our paychecks even land in our hands.

Where the money we manage to save isn't secure since even "safe investments" are no longer safe — especially in light of the government admitting that they have the rights and means to confiscate what we have stashed away. Indeed, they already have a plan in place to do it.

Unfortunately, despite all the rhetoric on Capitol Hill, it is clear that you and I are not being represented.

Our essential freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are in grave danger.

Just look at the real state of our country. Our leaders racked up more Federal Debt (over $19 trillion) and more unfunded liabilities (over $125 trillion) than ever before.

Additionally, there are countless cracks in our economy: Our dollar is in bubble territory, the stock market is teetering on the edge of a collapse, REAL unemployment is ticking up, and don't even get us started on the presidential election.

And although they would never admit it, the Federal Reserve is running out of fuel to keep this artificial recovery going.

Indeed, troubling times await us.

And thus it will continue to be increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain total wealth —the type of wealth that allows you to live your life as you desire. The type of life that you deserve.

But alas, this type of total wealth is not impossible to reach and enjoy.

You just have to fight for it.

You Have to Fight Hard
You Have to Fight Smart

You can win this battle to achieve and maintain total wealth by shedding traditional financial tools in exchange for unique (and often unknown) tools.

Tools that allow you to have an extra layer of privacy, tools that protect your money from paying too much in taxes, and tools that give you an extra return on your capital.

We want you to have these tools at your disposal.

That's why in September we are uniting together for our 15th Total Wealth Symposium — a four day conference we put on every year for those who have the audacity to take control of their financial destiny … no matter the odds.

And while thousands of folks just like you have attended our previous conferences, this next conference will be unlike any we have held before.

We are revealing ALL of our secrets … tax havens, privacy shelters, legal loopholes to sidestep the IRS, and investments that rise in value no matter what happens on Wall Street, no matter what the Fed does, and no matter who wins the election.

However, this isn't just about us standing on a stage revealing our secrets.

We want you to get real solutions. We want you to have unlimited and unrestricted access to what our insiders know.

So, this is about you getting the chance to meet and speak with our esteemed list of 25+ experts — the "who's who" of financial specialists from New Zealand, Switzerland, Panama, Uruguay, Germany, Britain, Liechtenstein, Australia, and other key areas.

These 25 experts are coming in from all around the world these four days in September to convene for this once-in-a-life time "tell-all".

Of course, our internal experts will be there as well.

You will have the chance to meet and converse with Jeff Opdyke, Ted Bauman, Bob Bauman, JL Yastine, Jocelyn Smith, Chad Shoop, Paul Mampilly, and others.

But, This Event Is
"Invite Only"

To keep our 15th Total Wealth Symposium discrete…to keep it intimate…we have to limit how many people can attend, and even more importantly, who can attend.

To be blunt — this conference is not going to be for everyone.

So, while getting on this "invite list" is free, and while you are not making a commitment today by signing up, this conference is only for an elite group of people — the type of people who are willing to think differently and who have the audacity to take a step forward to fortify their wealth.

Hence, only sign up if you think you are type of person who will benefit from …

  • Offshore investment opportunities that could boost your returns
  • International tax loopholes that help you sidestep the IRS
  • Asset protection strategies that block out money-hungry lawyers and overreaching politicians
  • Global banking havens that offer more security, privacy, and higher yields
  • Foreign real estate that allows you to live a better life on less money
  • Privacy tactics that fortify your personal and financial well-being
  • Second passports and citizenships that open you up to an entirely new and exciting life
  • And more …

Again, our 25+ global experts will hold nothing back at our 15th Total Wealth Symposium.

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After you click the button, you will receive all the details of this truly life changing event… the exotic location, the exact dates we will host this conference in September, the 25 global experts, what they will be discussing, and how many seats are available.

And then, on April 26, we will open up registration for the Total Wealth Symposium. By getting on the "invite list" today you automatically qualify for a $500 discount!

So don't delay. Get on the "invite list" for free today.

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