One Simple Way to Protect Yourself Against the Dollar’s Demise
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Analysts have predicted that America’s out-of-control debt would destroy our country. And yet, our economy seems to be doing OK. Why?

It all comes down to one seemingly simple but very important concept: Trust.

We all know that trust is the most important glue in any relationship, either in business or in our personal lives. Most of us take this for granted, but trust in the U.S. government is a big reason why America has become such a dominant force over the past century.

Trust in our government allowed the U.S. to keep afloat during the worst economic collapse to hit in decades.

In 2008, during the worst financial crisis in 80 years, our federal government borrowed vast sums of money at an interest rate close to 1%. Trust allowed our government to bailout major banks and prevent the collapse of our financial system. And trust allowed our government to get away with a spending spree of historic proportions … for far longer than anyone might reasonably expect.

Because of trust in our currency across the globe, we pay a relatively low price for food, energy and other products. In fact, we can pay for all of our imports in dollars.

America has been able to exchange paper dollars that are produced at almost no cost for valuable goods. Trust in the U.S. government and its institutions has given us the greatest standard of living the world has ever seen … it’s what has made the American dream possible.

If — or rather when — this trust is shattered…well, our way of life is over. In fact, The Treasury Department has just published a new report admitting that this kind of loss of confidence would have disastrous consequences for our nation.

But there is a simple way to protect yourself when — not if — we see a rapid currency devaluation after the trust is broken.

When this crisis hits our nation, most Americans will be caught by surprise. Millions of citizens will hit rock bottom.

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