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The Ultimate GOLD Multipliers: From Small Investment to Incredible Wealth

In This Report:

  • The best way to invest in the world’s most precious metal.
  • The 3 gold companies you want to own now.
  • Ways to invest in gold that have brought investors returns of over 20,000%.
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About this Report

Gold has captivated the human imagination for centuries, but investors tend to shy away from the precious metal because it generates no cash flow.

And they’re right — the yellow metal itself will not send you a check every month, but there are ways to invest in gold that have brought investors returns of over 20,000% in the past three years.

One company, operating behind the scenes in the gold market, has brought investors returns of more than 100,000% since it launched over 20 years ago.

In this exclusive report, The Ultimate GOLD Multipliers, Jeff Opdyke reveals which companies are taking advantage of the best, most overlooked way to invest in gold, and how you can get a piece of the action.

He’ll show how companies are able to profit exponentially off the precious metal, without succumbing to the rising costs of exploration and production.

And he’ll tell you exactly which companies you need to add to your portfolio right now in order to get in on these substantial gains.

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Investing in these exclusive gold companies is just one of the secrets we reveal to our subscribers. We’ll also tell you how to prepare for the inevitable economic collapse of America, how to store and protect your assets from an over-indebted government, and where to find real opportunities to grow your wealth in overseas markets.

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Meet The Sovereign Investor Daily's Editors

Jeff Opdyke

Executive Editor and Investment Director

Jeff Opdyke has been investing in the international markets since 1995. His “on the ground” research enables him to find renegade plays in overseas markets, uncovering explosive trends long before they become mainstream.

Jeff spent 17 years with The Wall Street Journal, writing for its nationally syndicated “Love and Money” column, with a worldwide audience of nearly 10 million readers. The author of six books, he has been published in upwards of 80 newspapers nationwide.

As the editor of the Sovereign Investor monthly newsletter, our flagship publication, and Profit Seeker, a global trading service, Jeff has recently closed gains of 91%, 173% and 257%.

Ted Baumann

Offshore and Asset Protection Expert

With a 25-year career in the non-profit sector, Ted has worked as a consultant for financial, housing and urban planning issues for clients such as the United Nations, the South African government and European grant-making agencies.

He has been published in numerous international journals, including the Journal of Microfinance, Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, the South African Press and the Cape Times.

As the editor of Offshore Confidential, a premium monthly newsletter, Ted provides readers with exclusive asset protection strategies that allow you to live off-the-radar, safe from government scrutiny.

Chris Orr

Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Chris’ 30-plus year career in meteorology makes him a much-sought resource for businesses and government agencies worldwide. He has been forecasting extreme weather events for commodity traders and hedge fund managers for over 20 years.

As a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, Chris has been asked to provide written testimony to Congress on weather policy, served in local government and lectured at universities on the impact of extreme weather.

Chris is also the editor of one of our trading alerts, Weather Trader, in which he identifies investment opportunities across various industries based on seasonal trends and weather events.

Chad Shoop

Investment Analyst

With a background in finance and economics, Chad entered the financial industry as an investment analyst for an advisory firm based in North Carolina. There he was able to identify trading opportunities and develop strategies to boost overall portfolio returns for equity positions.

In addition to writing for The Sovereign Investor Daily, Chad fronts his own service, Pure Income, where he identifies opportunities to generate safe, steady monthly income. His research and insight allow subscribers to earn a guaranteed annual yield of at least 11%.

As an investment analyst for The Sovereign Society, he also provides research and analysis for our other premium publications.